Super Viking and all you need to know

The “Super Viking” is a special feature or addition to the standard Viking Lotto, offering players the chance to win extra prizes on top of the usual prize structure. It is important to note that the availability and specific rules of the “Super Viking” may vary depending on the country and period. In some cases, it may be a temporary promotion or a special draw offered by the national lottery organisations managing the Viking Lotto..

Rules of the Super Viking

The general format of the Super Viking generally follows these lines:

Participation: To participate in the Super Viking, players usually have to tick an extra box or make an extra payment on top of their standard Viking Lotto ticket.
Number selection: With the Super Viking, an extra number or symbol can be chosen or automatically added to the ticket. This depends on how the promotion is set up.
Draw: The Super Viking often has its own draw, separate from the standard Viking Lotto draw. This can take place on the same day as the regular draw or at a different time.

Extra Prizes to Win Super Viking

The prizes available with Super Viking can vary greatly, but here are some examples of what players could win:

Bigger Jackpots: An additional jackpot on top of the standard Viking Lotto jackpot, available exclusively to Super Viking participants.
Special Prizes: These could be luxury goods like cars, travel, or technology products, or even experiences like VIP events.
Cash Bonuses: In addition to the standard prize structure, there may be additional cash prizes for matching the Super Viking number or symbol.

Super Viking in each country

The specific rules, cost of entry, and available Super Viking prizes may vary by country and lottery organisation. It is essential to check the local lottery website for the most up-to-date information.
Chance to Win: As with other lottery games, Super Viking adds an extra element of chance. The chance of winning a Super Viking prize depends on the number of participants and the specific game rules.

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