What are results of Viking lotto draws?

When is the Virgin Lotto 2023 draw? The draws take place weekly on wednesday.

As soon as the balls roll and the numbers are official, you’ll find the latest draw results here immediately. No need to search endlessly; everything is in one central place. A complete breakdown of prizes, from the jackpot to the lowest win categories, including the number of winners in each category.

How it works

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The Vikinglotto lottery draws winning combinations every Wednesday night in Hamar, Norway. A winning combination consists of 6 numbers and a Viking. The jackpot has a minimum prize of €3 million and a maximum prize of €35 million. The results of these draws can be found on this page at 8 p.m. (the time Norsk Tipping holds the Viking Lotto draw).

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What are the Virgin Lotto draw times?

Viking Lotto draws are held in Hamar, Norway. There is one Viking Lotto draw every week, every Wednesday at 7 p.m. (even if that Wednesday is a holiday).

Mechanism e method of drawing of viking lotto

  1. Lower Categories

How to win: This varies, but usually you need some of the main numbers and/or the Viking number.
Average Amount: This can range from a few euros to several thousand euros.


Jackpot: The odds of winning the jackpot are extremely small, often 1 in several tens of millions.
Second Category: The probability of this is slightly higher but still very small.
Lower Categories: The odds here are relatively better, sometimes 1 in 50 or even better for the lowest prizes.
Influence of Ticket Sales.
The total prize pool is often influenced by ticket sales. A larger number of tickets sold leads to a larger prize pool, but also to more competition.

Special Draws

Sometimes there are special draws where extra prizes or bonuses are offered. These can range from extra cash to tangible prizes such as cars or vacations.

Taxes and Payouts.

Depending on the country, taxes may be due on prizes won. Payouts can be made all at once or in installments, depending on the amount won and the winner’s preference.


The variety and depth of prizes in Vikinglotto offer something for everyone, from casual players who are satisfied with smaller winnings, to risk-takers who have their sights set on the jackpot. Due to the dynamic nature of the prize pool and the influence of ticket sales and special draws, it is a constantly changing

Time and Location of Vikinglotto

Viking lotto draws usually take place weekly on a fixed day and time. The location of the draw may vary, but it is usually a central location approved by the organizers.

Drawing Equipment

Different types of machines can be used, but all must comply with strict regulations to ensure randomness.
The machines and balls used are checked and sealed by independent observers before each draw.

Persons Present

Supervisors: Several supervisors are usually present to ensure the integrity of the draw.
Notaries: A notary public may be present to confirm the legal requirements of the draw.

Drawing Procedure.

  1. Preliminary Steps.
    Pre-Traw Audit: A series of checks are conducted to ensure the integrity of the draw.
    Machine Selection: Multiple machines may be available, and one is selected at random.
  2. Drawing itself
    Main Numbers: First, main numbers are drawn from a set of predefined numbers.
    Additional Numbers: In Vikinglotto, an additional Viking number is also drawn.
  3. Documentation
    Records: All numbers and times drawn are documented.
  4. Validation
  5. Notary Confirmation: A notary validates the draw and provides legal approval.
  6. Publication
    Media: Results are usually published both online and through traditional media such as television and newspapers.
  7. Post-Traw Procedures.
  8. Prize Award
    Announcement: Winners will be notified as soon as possible, depending on how they purchased their ticket (online or through a point of sale).
  9. Audits
    Post-Traw Audit: A final audit is conducted to verify all aspects of the draw.
  10. Archiving
    Documents: All documents related to the draw are archived for future reference and possible audits.
    I hope this provides the in-depth information you were looking for. If you have further questions, feel free to let me know!
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