Viking Lotto in Sweden

In Sweden, as in most countries, players must be of a certain age to participate in Viking Lotto. In most cases, this age is 18. Virgin Lotto tickets can be purchased at authorised outlets in Sweden, such as lottery shops, supermarkets and online platforms approved by the National Lottery.

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Swedish Viking Lottery

The Swedish Viking Lotto payout structure includes different payout categories based on the number of matching numbers. It ranges from winning the jackpot by getting all six main numbers and Virgin numbers correct, to winning smaller prizes by matching fewer numbers.

Virgin numbers are extra numbers drawn on top of the main numbers. It can increase the chances of winning and is used to create extra bonus levels.

Jackpot Viking

Virgin Lotto has a jackpot limit system. This means that if the jackpot reaches a certain limit and no one wins the entire jackpot, the extra money that would have been added to the jackpot is divided into lower prize levels.

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How much tax do I pay in Sweden if I win Viking lottery?

In Sweden and other participating countries, tax rules may apply to lottery winnings. It is advisable to check the specific tax implications of Swedish lottery winnings.

Virgin Lotto draws take place on Wednesday evenings. The draw is televised and the results can also be viewed on the official website of the Swedish National Lottery.


The Swedish body responsible for the organisation and supervision of lotteries and gambling is Lotteriinspektionen, formerly known as Lotteriinspektionen. In January 2019, the name was changed to Spelinspektionen to reflect the country’s broader supervision of all forms of regulated gambling, including online gambling and betting. Here are some more details about the regulator: Spelinspektionen is responsible for granting and managing licences and permits to gambling companies and operations in Sweden. This applies to both land-based and online gambling.

Game Inspectorate Swedish Gaming Authority

Spelinspektionen is Sweden’s national regulator responsible for regulating and monitoring all forms of legal gambling in the country. This includes not only traditional lotteries, but also casino games, online gambling, betting and more.

Authorities & legislation

The regulator works in accordance with Swedish gambling laws and regulations. The current law regulating gambling is called “SpelLagen” (Gambling Act) and came into force on 1 January 2019.

Authorities supervise gambling operators to ensure they comply with legislation, including rules related to responsible gambling, fraud prevention and more. They have the power to impose fines and revoke licences for non-compliance.

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